Wednesday, 31 August 2016

smoking cigarettes is hazardous

In this post i will discuss  how  smoking cigarettes hazardous to health 

smoking cigarettes  more hazardous to our health   

More than 45% people of indians are smoking everyday. smoking cigarettes become   daily routine of indians.
 people has  become addict to smoking. but they don't know that every time they  approaching to death .
smoking cigarettes is harmful to every organs of the boby. smoking cigarettes causes of cancer.
 As you know that cancer is very dangerous disease and once you get suffer from  cancer then it become very hard to treat it.  

There are many  types of  cancer due to smoking cigarettes 

3.liver cancer
4. Acute myeloid leukemia
5.Mouth and throat
7.pancreas cancer
8.stomach cancer
9.cervix cancer
10.colon cancer
11.rectum cancer

Smoking cigarettes is the number one risk of lung cancer.  After diagnosing lung cancer  you  still being alive only 4-5 years After diagnosing lung cancer.
Bladder cancer is the second most common cancer causes due to smoking cigarettes . To get more about the bladder cancer and also its Treatment  click the  link  given below

Mesothelioma also very extreme  hazardous cancer their are  mostly three types of Mesothelioma cancer

1.peritoneal mesothelioma cancer
2.pericardial mesothelioma cancer
3. pleura mesothelioma cancer
Other Types of Disease Due TO Cancer

1. Heart Disease

smoking cigarettes  are also causes of heart disease. if you are smoking more cigarettes everyday then it may probably be happen that your hart become lodged with  chemicals of tobacco it may also happen that smoking cigarettes become very extreme at an instant and your arteries has started to block or shrink. Due to that reason  less amount of oxygen and blood approaches to heart.
Smoking cigarettes also can damage the blood cells which also affect the functionality of  hard and blood vessels. due to that you may also suffer from Atherosclerosis  disease. in this type of disease a liquid type of plaque (a wax type liquid) substance is produced inside the arteries . After some time it become very harder and reduces the radius of arteries which limits the flow of blood.

2. Asthma

Smoking cigarettes also causes of  asthma . Asthma is basically a type of breathing problem which increases when you smoke very hard.
in this disease victims are unable to take breathe sufficiently because of  organs does not assist the lungs Diaphragm to expansion and contraction .

Other problems

1. very low birth weight  babies
3. blindness


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mesothelioma Life Expectancy

Mesothelioma Life Expectancy 

Hello friends,
                      First of all i want to suggest you to visit my following topic to get a very great knowledge about the mesothelioma & asbestos 

Mesothelioma cancer 

After learning these topic you will be able to understand  all about cancer and causes of cancer. Today i will tell you mesothelioma life expectancy

people who are suffering from mesothelioma cancer or other types of asbestos related cancer  have very less  life expectancy

Their are mostly three types of mesothelioma cancer and according to the mesothelioma stage the  mesothelioma life expectancy  changes . 

If you do not know about the types of  mesothelioma cancer then visit the following link - Types of Mesothelioma Cancer

There are several factors that affects the mesothelioma life expectancy 

Gender of patient 

generally  life expectancy of patient who suffers from mesothelioma cancer  is ranged between 12 months to 25 months .different -2  patients have different-2 life expectancy due to their individual factors and circumstances. life expectancy of men is much lower than the women because  their is  difference between the occupational circumstances of men and women. due to this difference their is  80% chances of exposure to asbestos  in men.


 Age of Patient

 According to the age of patient life expectancy also changes. above schematic you can see that as the age is increases the mesothelioma life expectancy  decreases. because as long as age is increases  then the immune power of patient become less so their survival rate also decreases with increase in age.

Mesothelioma location 

This is the very important factor that affect the mesothelioma life expectancy. the people who  are suffering from peritoneal mesothelioma cancer has very less mesothelioma life expectancy. while the people who are suffering from pleural  mesothelioma has slightly larger life expectancy.  

Cell types

mesothelioma can be categorize According to the three cell types
1. Epithelioid
2.sarcomatoid 3.biphasic 
The people how are suffering from epithelioid cell type pleural mesothelioma cancer has  1.5 year  life expectancy 

The people how are suffering from epithelioid cell type peritoneal mesothelioma cancer  has about 4 years  life expectancy 

The people how are suffering from Sarcomatoid cell type pleural mesothelioma cancer has less then 1 year  life expectancy
Sarcomatoid cell type peritoneal mesothelioma cancer  is very rare so people doctor can not diagnose about the life expectancy of this type of mesothelioma cancer.

The people how are suffering from biphasic cell type pleural mesothelioma cancer has  about 1 year  life expectancy  

The people how are suffering from biphasic cell type peritoneal mesothelioma cancer has  less then half year  life expectancy  

mesothelioma early stage diagnosis is very important and at early stage mesothelioma is not very strong so can easily be treatable.  

There may be some other factors that affects the mesothelioma life expectanc
1. huge amount of smoking
2. high amount of hemoglobin noted
3. abnormal  white blood cell count 
4. larger amount of  exposure to asbestos fibers.    




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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Hello friends ,
                       In earlier post i discussed about the mesothelioma attorney (lawyer) . i also told you how to choose a better attorney or lawyer to provide you more compensations and how to deal with the filed lawsuit. 
you can get knowledge about the mesothelioma attorney then click on the given link below
Mesothelioma attorney 

In today's post i will tell you how a lawyer or attorney will  deal with  mesothelioma lawsuit and which types of complexity you and  your attorney may face.

Mesothelioma Lawsuit 

Mesothelioma lawsuit is a lawsuit  which is filed by a lawyer ,when client of the lawyer suffering from mesothelioma cancer or other asbestos-related cancer .
The asbestos litigation become more expensive lawsuits in the history of us court cases.
 More than $30 billion  available in trust fund is for victim of mesothelioma lawsuits.

Filing a  Lawsuit  of Mesothelioma 

If you are suffering from mesothelioma or other  asbestos-related cancer then it become very important to file a lawsuit against the defendants(which is responsible for exposure to asbestos ). If you are working in construction field from very long time then their are 100% chances that you may suffer by asbestos-related cancer and in this you should hire a better lawyer to file a lawsuit against the defendants.
Mesothelioma lawsuits are very complex to deal so it is recommended  you to hire a lawyer - who is bother about all the aspects and problems faced by victim.

It is very hard to deal with these lawsuits so their is a proper way through which a lawyer can easily claim the defender and get compensation. 

1.Collect important Documents

To start  filing the  lawsuit it is very important to collect  all the information and documentation like your employment history , your medical report , your medical expenses, all the documentation about  asbestos in the workplace , the physical activities that you can no longer do.

2. Pre- Litigation  stage

Most of these cases are settle with the defendants so before submit these file to the court asbestos lawyer will interact with the defendants and try to negotiate  with them. if defendants accept the deal committed by the lawyer then lawyer will not report the court but if defendants does not accept the compensation then lawyer takes action further to the court and file the complaint (A complaint is a document deposit to the court that describes the basic information about  your lawsuit, legal references that substantiate your claim, the names of other supporting team  involved with you, and what your desired outcome is.) against the defendants.

As your file is submitted to the court then defendants will  receive a copy of your file or complaint.court will also provide a limited time to response against the complaint .usually 30 days is respond time to react over the complaint . if  defendants unable to respond over the complaint then court may book a  judgement against them.

3. Discovery Phase

During this phase the defendants' attorney also try to moratorium your case  and they can also  cross check your (victim) documentation and information . they can also interrogate your relatives , friends to verify  the documentation.
if your attorney  does not able to get more evidence against defendants then you may lose your lawsuit.
In Discovery phase it may happens that settlement of the case become the ending of the lawsuit. it means that if the defendants realize that all the complaints  are against  then it become very important that defendants negotiate a settlement with you. 

4.Trial or Settlement 

When your case goes to trial then both(your attorney and defendants attorney) have opportunity  to present their evidence , information, and documentation  in order to convince the jury that their clients is in the right.
Time period require to complete the trial is depend upon the number of evidence and witnesses exposed  by both the parties. 
once the jury has adduced a verdict  then the trial phase become over . if you win your case then you are entitled to get the amount that you want to owed by defendants.